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survey results

Hi all!
Some of you took part in a survey I posted here sometime in July/September.
Well, the analysis is all done and as I promised some, I shall share with you my results and findings :)
PLEASE do note that my study is pretty amateur and should not take my findings as proof or concrete evidence in any argument.

First, culture is defined as the continent of origin... So when I say American, I mean everyone from countries in the continent of America.
Africa and Antartica had to be left out as we did not have enough people from those cultures.

My study aimed to look at cultural differences in self injury (i used the term deliberate self injury or DSI).
I found that on average, asians tend to self injury significantly less than those from the western cultures (namely from Europe, Australia and America). With regard to specific behaviours, Asians tend to self injure using less severe forms of self injury such as scratching, punching oneself and hitting against hard surfaces... the other three cultures (Europeans, Americans and Australians) tended to use cutting as their main form of DSI.
With regards to Alcohol use, Asians use less alcohol.
What was interesting was the choice of alcohol for each culture. Asians prefer beer, Australians prefer Cocktails, Europeans and Americans both prefered Vodka.
This is interesting because beer has the lowest alcohol concentration out of the three, and it is easier to get drunk when you are drinking vodka than beer (due to the less volume of vodka needed to reach intoxication).
This seems to tie in nicely when the finding that asians have lower alcohol use scores.
Of course, other factors play a part... some might be familiar with the Asian flush.

We also looked at differences between coping styles.
self injurers and individuals who report high levels of alcohol use tend to be avoidant copers.
Within cultures however, american self injurers do not show difference in coping styles. Also, Australian drinkers do not show preference for a certain coping style.

those are the main findings :)
if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)
Any other comments are also welcome.
I would love to hear about what you guys think of the results found...
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