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Random Project - Any Help Is Appreciated! :-)

Alrighty, so I'm doing these books one for my brother, and one for my son that travel together. I'm looking for people all over Australia to represent their city and put something about their city including a postcard/state map postcard or something like that to "introduce" your section... then write something like random facts, what it's like living in that part of Australia. Things to see, things to do, fun facts, common misconceptions - pretty much like an "idiots guide to your city"... you can draw, add photos, do whatever on your pages...

I'm making these for my son when he gets much MUCH older, and one for my brother since he'd love to visit Australia one day (since I'm from America). I was wondering if anyone was interested in helping me out with these notebooks. So pretty much after you write in it you send it to another Australian address until it's gone through all the Australian states. Let me know if you would like to help, or email me at sara.ringham@gmail.com! Thanks for listening everyone! <3
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