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Sharehouse available

I'm looking for housemates to fill a Chapel Hill fortress! Three busy but friendly former college kids of 20-21 years old have:

- Two rooms available now - One upstairs with built in wardrobe and potentially a bedframe, one downstairs with large mirror, wardrobe and bedframe (an ensemble).
- One room available from December 11th - Upstairs with built in wardrobe, unfurnished at this stage.

The Fortress is furnished and has a royal feel to it: large kitchen, pool, outside party area and extremely close to shopping facilities and bus stops for the city, more shopping centres and the University of Queensland.

Rent is $110 per week per person but will go down if we get more than one new person. The whole place is $440 a week, and we split it equally.

If you are interested or know someone who is looking to move please reply back to this blog or contact me via my LiveJournal page.
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